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Robocomp 2014


Robotics Festival ROBOCOMP is initiative of the "Integra" Student Scientific Association, which is operating under supervisory of Department of Automatics and Bioengineering at AGH-UST.

The idea managed to arouse University authorities’ and students’ interest resulting in organizing the event with a grand scale. At this time, more and more members of our association are getting involved in organizing the event, taking care of its promotion and contacts with sponsors.

The main attraction of the festival will be robots competition, modelled after similar events organized by many academic centers throughout Europe. In addition, we are going to add variety to this day through demonstrations of professional robots and presentations of companies and organizations related to robotics, electronics and control engineering. The first part of the event will be preliminaries, in which the competitors from both Poland and abroad will take part on the 25th of October. In parallel, shows of robots organized by the companies connected with robotics and automation will be held. At the end of the day, during the finals of the competition, the best players will face each other in the fight for medals and attractive prizes.

If you are interested in technics, and want to see new technologies in the most attractive form – you are welcomed!